Trump Still Dominating our Search Queries

By Joe Crump

Among Candidates, Trump still Commands Attention

Since even before the 2016 election, President Donald Trump has dominated the search bar for millions of Americans (and even abroad). As the upcoming election draws nearer, which is still over a year away, democratic candidates are beginning to draw more attention.

Trump has had a continuous hold on the search bar within the past 90 days, according to the Google Trends graphic pictures above. With only select spikes in interest for the front-runner democratic candidates, which are mostly tied to debate news about Senator Bernie Sanders and announcements about Elizabeth Warren (and other candidates), it’s evident who sill holds Americans’ attention.

From the graph, it can be concluded that Trump is still the most popular candidate in the search bar across the United States- aside from Vermont, of which Sanders is the Senator. For as long as Trump remains a controversial figure in American politics, it can be assumed that he will continue to dominate the search bar.

As the Election Approaches, Climate Change is Gaining More Attention

As the presidential debates continue and we move into the year 2020, election chatter grows ever stronger. Talk of climate change is also seeing a rise in popularity, as protests were waged in Washington D.C. to coincide with 16-year-old Greta Thunberg speaking before the UN Climate Summit. Even following the 45th G7 Summit in August, interest was not this high.

Interest in the election peaked on 9/11, as the terror attack which changed life forever for Americans and others across the world remains an important issue in the minds of Americans as the election approaches. However, the search interest in climate and climate change peaked only 9 days later, when protests were being held in D.C. during Thunberg’s speech.

As the graph shows, the talk of climate change and significant events involving climate change discussion is fairly prevalent throughout the country. However, it also shows that the election is also heavily on the mind of roughly half of Americans across the country. Whether climate change will play a greater factor in the 2020 elections is anyone’s guess as of now, but it might become a greater factor following the events of September. In Alabama, a special election was called to fill two vacant state senate seats, which explains the heightened interest in elections in the state.

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